Request a Free Mobile Home Roof Inspection

When you schedule an appointment with All Florida Weatherproofing & Construction, we will perform a free mobile home roof inspection using a video camera so that you can get a clearer picture of the job we are about to work on. We will come to your home, introduce ourselves, and show proper identification. Then we’ll use digital cameras to shoot and video any areas of concern:

  • We start with the interior inspection of your home we are looking for signs of
    • water damage
    • celling stains
    • mold, or other discoloration
  • Next we’re on the roof checking for:
    • Warped or soft decking
    • Missing or rusted screws
    • Missing shingles
    • Deterioration or other roof damage
  • Afterwards, you and our techs will view the video together and go over any areas of concern

We find that video inspections are a great way to show our customers the current condition of their roofs so they have the opportunity to see what we see. Call to make an appointment today!