Rubber Roofing for Mobile Homes

What are the advantages of having a rubber roof?

Reflective Rubber Roofing Saves on Energy Costs

Light-colored roofs reflect UV rays and can improve your home’s energy efficiency. The materials we use in rubber roofing have the highest solar reflectivity of any other system after 3 years of aging as tested by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Its enhanced formulation provides uncompromised weathering and durability year after year.

Fast Installation of Rubber Roofing

Less Labor and Fast Installation

No bonding adhesives or extra drying time. Rubber roofing for mobile homes can be installed much quicker than standard metal or shingled roofs. Faster installation equals less labor, which will save you money. We also save you days of hammering that comes with traditional roof installations.

Flexible Performance

The flexibility of rubber roofing means that the membrane will conform better to insulation joints and step-offs. This flexibility enhances adhesion to the approved substrates, resulting in a lay-flat application.

Improved Appearance

Rubber roofs are resistant to microbial growth and mold, unlike other roofing solutions. In humid areas, black streaks can appear on shingles and metal from algae. Our roofs are bright and clean.

Reduced Rumble Noise

When wind blows on a traditional metal roof, it vibrates and creates a rumble noise that can happen at all hours of the day and night. Due to the nature of rubber roof material, air moves over your home quietly and virtually noise-free.

Low Maintenance

Rubber roofing systems require less labor and maintenance than metal or shingled roofs. Problems can be easily diagnosed and repaired with minimal disruption to your life and at less cost. Rubber roofs are long-lasting and free from care.

Puncture Resistant

Florida has its share of severe weather. High winds can carry debris and hail is very dangerous. Our rubber roofing for mobile homes can stand up the elements.

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