Rubber Roof Installation

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EPDM and TPO rubber roof installation to protect your home

We only use the most adaptable, sturdy and enduring materials for our rubber roof installations. They are expressly constructed for exposure to the elements which can do endless damage to one’s roof each year. Our rubber roofing materials are resistant to ultra-violet light, oxidants, ozone, puncture, and Florida’s famous weather. With lighter colored options, they bounce the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere to keep your home cooler in the summer months. It requires very little maintenance and will keep your home and possessions secure.

Quick and professional rubber roofing installation

When All Florida installs a rubber roof, there are no bonding adhesives used or additional curing time required. Additionally, a rubber roofing system can be put in much faster than most standard metal or shingled roofs. Faster installation equals less labor, which brings your rubber roof installation costs to a minimum. There’s also less noise! You won’t miss the endless days of hammering that is associated with traditional labor. This is a rolled roof installation and the materials come in long spools that get unwound.

Free Video Inspection

When you feel it’s time to replace your current roof, contact us and we will perform a free video inspection. This involves getting up there with our cameras and documenting any trouble spots and the general layout of your current roof. After we have conducted our inspection, we will show you our pictures and video to discuss further options with you.

Why rubber roof installation?

As opposed to their traditional counterparts, such as metal, shingle, or asphalt/gravel, rubber roofs have a much better seal on your home with fewer vulnerable seams. This keeps leaks and maintenance to a minimum. In the unlikely event of a tear or rupture, the surface of a rubber roof supplies easy access for inspections and the assessment of your roof. Since the material is so flexible, expansion and contraction from extreme temperatures have a minimal effect on the integrity of your roof. Once it is there, you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

Rubber Roof Installation
Rubber Roof Installation