What is a Roof Over?

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Benefits of a New Roof Over System

Roof overs for mobile and manufactured homes add a layer of protection and insulation to help strengthen and keep your home cool. In many cases, our mobile and manufactured home insulated roof-over systems can be installed right over your existing roof.

We have served thousands of Florida mobile and manufactured home residents changing their homes for the better. Not only will you see a reduction in energy costs, roof overs will last longer than traditional roofs for mobile & manufactured homes and has a lifetime transferable warranty.

What is a roof over?

How Does a Roof Over Improve Your Home?

Save Money on Utilities

Due to the roof-overs reflective white surface and added insulation boards, sunlight (heat) gets bounced back into the atmosphere instead of being absorbed through your roof. Also the double-foiled insulation boards installed to the roof deck help keep your home cooler on those blazing hot Florida days. On the few cold days we have each year, the insulation will keep the warm air in you mobile or manufactured home.

Less Leaking and Maintenance

Unlike metal, asphalt shingles, tile, and torch down roofing, our installations are virtually seamless. Mechanical heat sealing processes ensures a tight leak proof and worry-free roof over.

Remarkable Stability and Fortitude

The materials we use for our roof overs are better and stronger than traditional roofing, which allows defenses against perforation, rips, and tearing that can happen as a result of Florida’s famous weather such as gusty wind, hail, lightning and strong thunderstorms. Unlike metal roof overs, our membrane roof overs are not a magnet to lightning which can cause damage to your home and put you and your appliances at a constant risk.

Longer Lifespan and Performance

While many types of roofs generally weaken under constant exposure to sunlight, heat, rain, chemicals, mold, algae, and air pollutants, All Florida’s roof over systems stand strong. In fact, our roofs surpass required roofing standards.

Professional and Courteous From start to finish!

Don’t Delay, Call Today, for your free video roof inspection! Family owned and operated, licensed and insured mobile/manufactured home roofing specialist. We use a video camera to document any problem areas on your roof such as soft and warped decking, cracked and broken vents, rusted nails and screws, leaking or cracked skylights etc…We do this so you can see what we see, and understand what repairs if any, or a new roof over is needed.

What is a roof over?